The Emergence of Multiple-Text Manuscripts / Alessandro Bausi, Michael Friedrich, Marilena Maniaci. - Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2019] ©2020 - 1 online resource (XII, 361 p.) - ( Studies in Manuscript Cultures ; 17 ).

Frontmatter -- Contents -- Preface -- Overviews -- Functions of Multiple-Text Manuscripts in India: The Jain Case / Multiple-Text Manuscripts in Medieval China / Text Collections in the Arabic Manuscript Tradition of Harar: The Case of the Mawlid Collection and of šayḫ Hāšim's al-Fatḥ al-Raḥmānī / 'Dichos bien hermanados'. Towards a Typology of Mudéjar and Morisco Multiple-Text Manuscripts / Innovations -- The Eusebian Canon Tables as a Corpus- Organizing Paratext within the Multiple- Text Manuscript of the Fourfold Gospel / The Ninth-Century Coptic 'Book Revolution' and the Emergence of Multiple-Text Manuscripts / Individual MTMs -- Personal Multiple-Text Manuscripts in Late Medieval Central Europe: The 'Library' of Crux of Telč (1434-1504) / The Prince and the Scholar: A Study of Two Multiple-Text Manuscripts from Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries Morocco / Case studies -- Some Poetic Multiple-Text Manuscripts of the Byzantine Era / Rolling Stones Do Gather: MS Istanbul Aya Sofya 3610 and Its Collection of Mineralogical Texts / Mathematical Astronomy and the Production of Multiple-Texts Manuscripts in Late Medieval Europe: A Comparison of BnF lat. 7197 and BnF lat. 7432 / The Development of Arabic Multiple-Text and Composite Manuscripts: The Case of ḥadīth Manuscripts in Damascus during the Late Medieval Period / 'Thematic books' -- Concepts and Vocabulary for the Analysis of Thematic Codices: The Example of Greek Adversus Iudaeos Books / List of Contributors -- Index of Manuscripts -- Index of Persons Balbir, Nalini -- Galambos, Imre -- Gori, Alessandro -- Castilla, Nuria de -- Crawford, Matthew -- Buzi, Paola -- Doležalová, Lucie -- Déroche, François -- Maltomini, Francesca -- Raggetti, Lucia -- Husson, Matthieu -- Hirschler, Konrad -- Andrist, Patrick --

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The universal practice of selecting and excerpting, summarizing and canonizing, arranging and organizing texts and visual signs, either in carefully dedicated types of manuscripts or not, is common to all manuscript cultures. Determined by intellectual or practical needs, this process is never neutral in itself. The resulting proximity and juxtaposition of previously distant contents, challenge previous knowledge and trigger further developments. With a vast selection of highly representative case studies - from India, Islamic Asia and Spain to Ethiopian cultures, from Ancient Christian to Coptic, and Medieval European domains - this volume deals with manuscripts planned or growing and resulting in time to comprise 'more than one'. Whatever their contents - the natural world and related recipes, astronomical tables or personal notes, documentary, religious and even highly revered holy texts - codicological and textual features of these manuscripts reveal how similar needs received different answers in varying contexts and times.

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Multiple-text manuscripts.
manuscript collections.
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სხვა ავტორები: Bausi, Alessandro, ; Friedrich, Michael, ; Maniaci, Marilena, ;

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